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What is aviation course?

Aviation Courses involve all courses relating to the aviation sector like Airport Management, Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training, Commercial Pilot License, Aviation Hospitality. All the Aviation Courses cater to different needs and wants of the aviation industry.

The eligibility criteria for Aviation Courses after 12th like Bachelor Courses and PG Courses in aviation depend on the class 12th marks and Bachelor results respectively. The students must maintain more than 50% in both the cases.

Students who want to have a career as a pilot have 3 kinds of pilot licenses to choose from like Student Pilot License, Commercial Pilot license and Private Pilot License. All the types of pilot training courses have different course duration and eligibility requirements.

Apart from becoming a helicopter pilot or an airline pilot, students have the option of entering the Airline Hospitality segment like becoming an Air Hostess. Some of the skills requi #24a8df to become an air hostess include communication skills, punctuality, attractive personality etc.

Shaking off the pandemic blues, the Indian aviation Industry has shown remarkable resilience during the pandemic as stated by Business Standard. Among 370 Aviation colleges in India, students opting for top Aviation Colleges today will see a good market and job opportunities when they complete their course.

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