A Complete Career Advice Before Joining Air Hostess Training in Lucknow

April 08, 2023

Do you love the feeling of being in the air? If you aspire to go to different places, meet new people and have a career full of adventures then you are in the right place. An air hostess job entails all those aspects that can provide you with a steady and fascinating job. In India the profession of Air Hostess is formally known as Cabin Crew or Steward Career. The aviation industry is very vast and carries a bunch of employment opportunities that range from cabin crew, flight attendant, ground staff, and airport management to administrative support jobs, airline administrative support, operations agent. Whatever the job, every single person who wants to enter the aviation industry has to go through extensive training to become capable of handling their respective job. There are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled by the people applying for the jobs.

Eligibility Criteria

The aviation industry has very strict guidelines for all the jobs available in it. In order to become an air hostess one has to satisfy the following :

  1. Educational Qualification - The minimum educational qualification of a candidate should be 10+2 education in any stream or undergraduate degree in aviation. Now training institutes provide a great platform to get professional guidance. 

  2. Age Limit - For a candidate looking to become an air hostess one should be at least 18 years legally but not older than 26 years preferably. It is also preferred that candidates should be unmarried when applying for the course.

  3. Physically Fit - There is a prerequisite that if you are applying for the job of air hostess you should be very fit and healthy. It is required that candidates should be ready for any task physically and mentally and be in good shape.

  4. Perfect Vision - It is very necessary for the candidate to have a proper 6/6 vision in both eyes, it doesn't matter if it is natural or with the help of lenses.A strong vision holds a lot of significance in this career field.

  5. Height - A female candidate is required to be a minimum of five foot 2 inches tall (155 -157 centimeters) on the other hand a male candidate should be at least 5 foot 7 inches (170-172 centimeters).

 Skills Needed To Become An Air Hostess 

Meeting the given eligibility criteria gives you an upper hand but this profession requires a lot more than what you already have. A set of skills makes a perfect air hostess that you have to acquire over time and master eventually as they are required in your everyday job.  Let us dive deep into what skills are necessary for this field;

  1. Excellent Communication Skills - This is the most essential skill that every air hostess needs to master as this job continuously stands in need of interaction with passengers, crew members, coordinators and administration. Additional skills like persuasion, active listening skills, friendliness, clarity and confidence among other skills

  2. Problem Solving Skills- An air hostess has to be extremely observant with the passenger and has to keep them comfortable at all times which also means you have to be the person to solve their issues and give answers to all the questions bothering them. Apart from being a problem solver an air hostess needs to keep the passengers comfortable and secure.

  3. Organizing Skills- An important aspect of this job is also multitasking managing meals and queries of passengers, making sure all the amenities are given to every passenger on the plane. Giving out refreshments and food at the given time.

  4. Well Groomed- An Air hostess needs to have a pleasing personality and charming look. They should treat all the passengers with a positive and friendly attitude and make them feel welcomed and safe.

  5. Teamwork - Being an air hostess means that you are part of the crew that works to achieve the same goal that is giving the best service to the passengers. Being a team player will help you be a better air hostess. 

Merits Of Becoming An Air Hostess.

There's no doubt that this job has countless advantages attached to it as the aviation industry is one of highest grossing and fastest growing sectors in the world making it beneficial for anyone to be a part of it. The job of an air hostess comes with a great payoff plus additional benefits that include health care, discounts to family members, transportation accommodation. Furthermore the job never gets boring as you always meet new people, interact with them, learn about different cultures and travel to new destinations. What could be more exciting?

 Salary Of An Air Hostess 

A majority of different factors determine the salary of an air hostess; the experience, knowledge, skills and many more. The following is how much air hostess can earn according to their level of experience:

  •   Entry Level - INR 2,40,000 (average annual salary).

  •   Mid Career Level - INR 5,50,00 (average annual salary).

  •   Senior Career Level - INR 10 00,000 (average annual salary).   

Employment Opportunities

According to The Economic Times 'India's aviation sector is likely to employ 1 lakh more people in next two years’. That proves that numerous job opportunities are available in this sector. Air hostess employment opportunities lie in areas like; commercial airlines, corporate airlines, air hostess training institute, chartered airlines, military airlines, personality development institute, airports, top recruiting companies for air hostess/ cabin crew.

In Summary 

The profession of an air hostess is one of the best to kick start a glamorous career but to become a professional one needs to get conventional training in a training institute.

A top-tier air hostess training institute in Lucknow provides a chance you receive the appropriate training and polish your skills.

Updated by Admin: April 08, 2023