A complete guide for aviation course in Lucknow

July 08, 2023

Aviation as a curriculum and career path is only for individuals who are deeply interested in the subject. There are numerous aviation courses available. Any instructor-led training in which the candidate learns the fundamentals of aviation, instrument reading, aviation safety, and other related topics is referred to as an aviation course. It also encompasses management and safety.

Aside from in-depth knowledge of machinery, aviation demands its workers to have extensive understanding of the job profiles of persons working in other divisions of the industry. Aspirants in the aviation business have a wealth of work choices ranging from ground employees, specialists, and cabin crew to training to become pilots. There are several work prospects in the aviation industry joining an aviation course in lucknow to find out.

Why Should One Take Aviation Courses?

The aviation industry both in India and overseas is flourishing, and there are plenty of job prospects for those who want to work in the airline industry. One of the biggest advantages of the aviation industry is that there is always a suitable role for any candidate. Because of its vastness, the aviation business necessitates a variety of talents to keep it running. Aside from that, there are a few other reasons why people pick flying.

Prospects of traveling

People who enjoy traveling may find it highly enjoyable to work in the aviation sector. Flight attendants and pilots, for example the opportunity to visit numerous countries in a single week's shift.

Getting to know new people

Jobs in the aviation industry require meeting new individuals on a regular basis in a fast-paced and dynamic atmosphere. If you enjoy meeting and connecting with new people on a daily basis, the aviation business is ideal for you. Airports are full of people watching, and no two days are alike.

Career development

Most firms have the best interests of planes and airline staff in mind, and they seek to develop employees by providing education and different forms of career advancement. There are financial structures in place to ensure that employee contributions are recognized.

Enrollment in Aviation Course: Eligibility Criteria

 The basic eligibility to pursue a course in aviation sector are:   

  • In order to be admitted to the Aviation Course in India, aspirants must have completed their Secondary and High School Education from an accredited board of education with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks. 

  • In addition to meeting the fundamental eligibility criteria, students who want to pursue the Diploma in Aviation program must have passed the normal admission assessment with high marks.

  • There are no set age requirements or requirements for admission to the Diploma in Aviation program.

  • The applicant must be at least 17 years old or above.

  • Basic grasp of standard English etiquette for the hospitality industry

  • Bearing a pleasant and  charming personality

The Admissions Procedure for Aviation Course

The admission process for the enrollment in Aviation Training Course in Lucknow is done either on-campus or online. The enrollment for the course in lucknow aviation academy is completely based on the results of secondary and secondary education, as well as the results of the entrance exam. As a consequence, candidates applying again for the course must meet the Degree in Aviation eligibility requirements.


  • Grooming & Personality Development

  • Communication skills/Soft Skill Training

  • Air hostess Healthy Living / Lifestyle.

  • Introduction to the Aviation industry

  • Introduction to Aircraft And aviation familiarization

  • Crew Member coordination and Communication

  • Managing Passenger Interactions

  • Safety and Emergency Procedures

  • Medical Emergencies and Medical Training

  • Fundamental of Hospitality

  • Front Line Impact techniques

  • First Aid Training

  • Interview Skills



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