Job Description for Cabin Crew

April 29, 2023

Cabin crew is one of the most important jobs in the aviation business. A cabin crew, which consists of an air hostess (female) and/or a flight steward (male), is in charge of the passengers’ comfort, welfare, and safety on board. They are responsible for verifying all organizing teams before the start and end of the flight, in addition to checking the pleasure facilities for the passengers.

What Exactly Does A Cabin Crew Do?

A cabin crew or flight attendant's primary responsibility is to maintain flight safety and to service the airline passengers on board. As a result, aircraft cabin crew or flight attendant is a typical employment or job title. A cabin crew is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of all airline passengers on board.

Perks Of Joining A Cabin Crew

No member of the aircrew may fly more than 72 hours in a month, according to the regulations. This provides work-life balance as well as competitive pay. Domestic airlines in India pay air hostesses between INR 16,000 to INR 45,000. After a few years of service as cabin crew, they can advance to the position of head attendant and earn a higher income.

According to the International Air Transport Association, India's aviation industry is the third largest in the world (IATA). With the country's growing economic infrastructure, this industry has seen enormous expansion over the last few decades. According to Goldman Sachs' economic estimate, the country has approximately six million planes and 400 million passenger flights. Picking a career as a flight attendant is advantageous for young applicants because of factors such as the nature of the profession, the compensation it offers, and the future it has for them.

What Are The Obligations Of A Cabin Crew?

  • They are in charge of everything from the cockpit entrance to the back kitchen. Nothing in the cockpit or outside the aircraft is under the control of the cabin crew.

  • In both routine and emergency situations, the cabin crew can act. They follow the instructions to close the escape doors on the left and right sides of the aircraft.

  • The duty of cabin crew differs depending on the company when the necessary goods are carried into the airplane.

  • The job description of hosts and hostesses in terms of service duties differs according to the company. On some airlines, the cabin staff handles all passenger requests, however on others, the buffet service is only available at specified hours.

  • The cabin crew's primary responsibility is to communicate to passengers, both verbally and visually, what to do in the event of an emergency.

  • Hosts and hostesses are also required to offer passengers with all necessary travel information.

What Are The Employment Qualifications Of A Cabin Crew Member?

Some loosely designed requirements have to be checked off by the aspirant in order to be a part of a cabin crew of an airline. Keep in mind that the criteria changes according to the airlines :

  • To become a cabin crew member, you must first complete your secondary education.

  • Also, airlines will need to assess your English communication skills (reading, writing & speak).

  • It will be beneficial if you have significant customer service experience in a related business. Like tourism or the service industry.

  • The airline allows individuals who have excellent medication and fitness and the competence to swim at least 20 - 25 meters to be hired as cabin crew.

  • It is mandatory that you have a valid and working passport.

  • Most airlines needed a minimum height of 158 cm in order to reach all of the aircraft's safety equipment .

  • Typically, the minimum age range is 18 to 21. (age will vary on the airline).


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